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Zebra Jasper Tumbles

Zebra Jasper Tumbles

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Price is for one Tumbledstone 

One Zebra Jasper Tumbledstone intuitively chosen for you 

A stone of balance carrying both female and male energies your yin and yang, this stone will help you overcome apathy, teaches you to be optimistic and tackle those problems that are causing you stress. A fantastic grounding stone during meditation. Can help boost physical energy levels. A stone that will have a positive influence on you teaching you to be kinder to other people, to be more compassionate and more understanding. Placing this crystal in a sacred space or where you will see it often will help you be reminded of your intentions.

Healing Qualities: beneficial to the lymphatic system. Eases heart palpitations and muscle spasms, also helpful in treating bone disorders, strengthens teeth and gums.