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Yellow Jasper Tumbles
Yellow Jasper Tumbles

Yellow Jasper Tumbles

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Price is for one Tumbledstone 

One Yellow Jasper Tumble intuitively chosen for you 

A very positive stone that helps build your self-confidence. teaches us to not worry about what others think or say. Attracts positive energies, Encourages positive friendships and overall happiness and positive feelings. An excellent mood booster, Great to carry with you when you need an energy boost. A very protective stone when travelling on the physical and astral planes, it will absorb all kinds of negative energies. May assist in helping your relationship if you are experiencing challenges by making you aware of your situation and your feelings, will assist you in moving forward. A great stone to carry with you if you are accident prone.

Healing Qualities: detoxifies the body, aids the digestive system, eases bloating and indigestion.

Chakra – Solar Plexus