White Sage Smudge, Large

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Smudging is native tradition used to cleanse a person or space of bad or negative energy.
To smudge simply get a fire proof bowl ready, light your sage stick until it begins to smoke, if it lights up and flames begin to appear gently blow it until it’s just embers and smoke. You may find that you will have to relight your smudging stick several times during your cleansing ritual. Now that it is smoking use your hand, feather or wave the smoke into all corners of the room, walls, small spaces and across the doorways, if you are doing the whole house start at the front door and work your way backwards doing all the rooms. Remember to open your windows so that the bad energy can leave, if you would like to cleanse the body direct the smoke over your body starting at your feet and working your way up to the top of your head, and then back down again, as you are doing this in vision the smoke cleansing the body and taking any negative energy away. once ritual is complete extinguish your sage buy rubbing it in some dirt or sand or in your fire proof bowl. You may reuse your sage smudge stick.

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