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Sodalite Tumbles Small
Sodalite Tumbles Small

Sodalite Tumbles Small

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Price is for one Tumbledstone 

One Sodalite Tumbledstone intuitively chosen for you 

A stone that will grow your intuition and trust your instincts, increase intelligence, knowledge, and facilitates communication, stimulating the pineal gland and third eye. It will help people who are overly sensitive, defensive, impulsive, are prone to panic attack or anxiety, releases negative emotions such as guilt, fear and control issues. You may carry or wear sodalite to help remain calm and stable. Eliminates mental confusion, stimulates trust and inter-dependence. An ideal stone for working in groups, helps ne have trust in others. Can also help end arguments or disagreements, will put an end to misunderstandings with the person you love.

Healing Qualities: Balances the metabolism, helps with digestive disorders and to lower blood pressure. Very helpful for all throat conditions and cleanses the lymphatic system and organs. Also helpful for people with calcium deficiencies.

Chakra – Throat & Third Eye