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Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian

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Price is for one Snowflake Obsidian Tumble stone 

One Tumble stone intuitively chosen for you 

A stone of purity and balance, Brings balance to the mind, body and spirit. It’s a very grounding and protective stone, removes negative energies from one’s self but also the environment. A very supportive stone that will assure you there is no need to fear, will show you your weaknesses and help turn them into your strengths. May help you to see new opportunities that you may have overlooked in the past. Place Obsidian snowflake near your feet while you sleep to help keep your grounded during times of turmoil and will help you have a deep and restful sleep. Combine Obsidian snowflake with lapis Lazuli if you would like to recall you past life

Healing Qualities: Relieves muscle cramps and spasms, improves circulation, also helps with disorders related to the skeleton when worn around the waist area