Rose Quartz 7 piece Geometric set

Rose Quartz 7 piece Geometric set

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Set of 7 geometric shapes include

• Sphere

• Tetrahedron (fire)

• Cube or Hexahedron ( Earth )

• Octahedron ( Air )

• Icosahedron ( Water )

• Dodecahedron ( Universe )

• Merkaba


Sacred Geometry is the universal language of creation. Sacred geometry is a term used to describe the patterns and shapes that are part of the make up of all living things , it is a system of universal design in which the energy of creation organises itself into a sacred form .The Platonic solids are the building blocks of the universe , every physical manifestation derived from these platonic shapes , The other 2 spiritual crystals included are the Sphere and the Merkaba. Use this set to heal and balance your  emotional and spiritual bodies.