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Rhodonite Tumbles

Rhodonite Tumbles

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One Rhodonite tumble intuitively chosen for you 

A stone the focuses on one’s inner-self, nurtures, supports and encourages love. Gives you the ability to see both side to an issue. It processes and dispels emotional pain, healing emotional shock and trauma. Helps remove old wounds and scars from your past. Encourages mutual understanding and opens you up to forgiveness and reconciliation. Carry or place rhodonite in a family area to help keep emotions balanced and to keep calm and relaxed. A good stone if you are experiencing a break up, teaches you to learn to love yourself and value your own company.
Healing Qualities: Excellent wound healer, reduces scarring, good for restoring physical energy after being drained from emotional trauma, strengthen the muscles and heart and stimulates circulation. It is believed to aid in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. Also promotes bone growth.

Chakra – Heart