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Price is for One Palo Santo Stick

This holy wood has been used for centuries, it is used for spiritual purification and energy cleansing. Can help to eliminate negative/bad energy and bring calmness. Provides healing energy, it is known to relieve stress and anxiety, reduce symptoms of the common cold, Asthma, headaches and allergies. Palo Santo is great to use with your crystals as it can help to purify their energy.

To use simply hold Palo Santo stick and light and let burn for approximately 20 seconds before blowing out. Set your intentions as you are cleansing, you may ask that the smoke cleanses your space of any bad energy and to draw in the positive. Walk around the room or space in which you are cleansing and allow smoke to waft around each space, if you are using it to cleanse your crystals move the smoke around the crystals.
Your Palo Santo stick may be relit several times while you are using it and may be used more than once,
Once finished place in a fire safe or ceramic bowl and allow to burn out on its own.

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