Moonstone Tumbles

Moonstone Tumbles

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A stone of new beginnings, Balances male and female energies. An ultimate fertility crystal, helps us to be more Intune with our bodies and can help regulate menstrual cycles. encourages lucid dreams, A great stone for people who do lots of traveling especially at night time. It has been known to reunite lovers who have parted because of anger. Can be very calming for children and sooths those who are away from home at night time, drives away nightmares and encourages sleep, has even been beneficial in treating sleepwalking. The most powerful time to use moonstone is on a full moon and under the moon light.

Healing Qualities: Great for the female reproductive system, enhancing fertility and helps ease your body during pregnancy and childbirth, it alleviates menstrual problems bringing back balance to your hormonal system by helping harmonize the body into the natural lunar cycle. Alleviates degeneration of the skin, hair, eyes, liver and pancreas. Also good for our digestive systems and elimination systems

Chakra – Sacral & Third Eye