Emerald Tumbles Small
Emerald Tumbles Small

Emerald Tumbles Small

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Price is for one Emerald Tumblestone

One Emerald Tumblestone intuitively chosen for you 

A stone of hope, Regeneration and recovery. Encourages honesty in all aspect of your life. Will bring positive actions and outcomes. Helps to manifest things that you truly need. brings balance harmony and patience, Great for recovery after illnesses. Helps to overcome misfortune. To attract Romantic love, wear or carry an Emerald crystal out of sight but near the heart. Especially good for restoring confidence to teenage girls who may have been tease about their appearance. Helps to bring focus and intensity to one’s life work. Can help you feel happy and fulfilled with being who you are.

Healing Qualities: Revitalizes tired organs. It aids in recovery after infectious illness. It is believed to ward of epilepsy. and may be used to help with headaches, fever, allergies and sinusitis. One of the best crystals to help treat the eyes and restore eye sight.

Chakra – Heart