Clear Quartz Natural
Clear Quartz Natural

Clear Quartz Natural

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Price is for one Natural Clear Quartz 

One Clear Quartz intuitively chosen for you 

The Master healer and amplifier, this crystal will amplify any crystal it is placed with. The most versatile crystal out there. Brings balance to everything. This crystal can be used for any purpose from Healing, harmony, love, energy, clarity and calmness. Acts as a deep soul cleanser, it aids as concentration and unlocks memory. Great at putting you Intune with the worlds energy, making you feel more optimistic, more energetic and more interested in the world around you.

Healing Qualities: Brings balance too everything, helps boost energy levels, increase your mood and feel more motivated. helps stimulate the immune system. It can heal any condition because it has the unique power to take on the energy of any situation.

Chakra- Crown