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Cavansite Tumbles Large
Cavansite Tumbles Large

Cavansite Tumbles Large

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Price is for one Tumblestone

One Cavansite Tumblestone intuitively chosen for you 

A truly uniqoe crystal , it willl help one through major lfe changes. A crystal for spiriual enlightenment, it will enhance your ability to connect to the spiritual world as well as promoting clear communication.it can also help you to  remember information you have received while on you spirituality journey Cavansite site is known to be a stone of truth and can help one accept themselves for who they are as well as accepting others for who they are, will show you how to deal with your past in a positive way. This stone is also good for  communication between you and your loved one , it will help both of you to be honest and encourage you to share feelings without fear of being judged. 

Healing Qualities: Promotes overall healing of the body, known to be efective on sore throats and can also helps with problems of the teeth. Helps to heal the eyes, the throat , kidneys and bladder, it may also help tinnitus , which is known as ringing in the ears.