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Aquamarine Tumbles A grade

Aquamarine Tumbles A grade

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This stone carries the healing properties of the ocean, A super soothing and calming stone. Very refreshing and will reawaken the soul. Used to reduce stress and quiet your mind. Used as a talisman for good luck. A good protective stone for people who do a lot of traveling over or near water. Aquamarine is a great stone to boost your confidence if you have a fear of public speaking, also good for teachers. A great stone for children who have been through traumatic situations and act out aggressively. A very cleansing stone that can help you overcome fear of the unknown. Helps you to tolerate others, so that you will not be easily offended. Helps to sooth unpleasant emotions such as grief and loneliness. Known as a beauty stone it has incredible anti -aging effects

Healing Qualities: Helps with infections that are in the throat, good for the thyroid glands, also helps with infections of any kinds, good for people who suffer from rosacea and psoriasis, has been known to boost growth and regulate hormones.

Chakra – Throat