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Angelite Tumbles

Angelite Tumbles

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A very peaceful stone perfect to help bring inner peace and to help calm one down in times of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. A strong communication stone that helps aid contact with the angelic realm and spiritual guides. In many people can stimulate psychic gifts, helps with channelling and mediumship. Enhances astrological understanding. Helps to speak the truth and become more compassionate. Very helpful when you are feeling grief from the loss of a loved one. You may place Angelite under your pillow to help your sleep be more peaceful and to help you clearly remember and interpret your dreams.

Healing Qualities: Helps with headaches, heart function and
inflammation in throat and problems with the thyroid gland. Useful in weight control and relates particularly to the lungs and arms. When applied to the feet unblocks meridians and energetic pathways.

Chakra – Throat & Third Eye