Small Natural Clear Quartz Points Pack


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Clear Quartz

Natural Points



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In this pack you will find 10 Small/ Mini Natural Clear Quartz points , These are perfect for making crystal grids, crystal grids are awesome for manifesting your dreams and intentions, there are no rules when it comes to making your crystal grids i think it is always best to let your intuition guide you, to start you may choose a particular crystal that you may be drawn to or a crystal that you would like to enhance the properties of.In any grid its best to choose crystals that best suit your intentions and goals.While making your grid you may choose to start from the middle , or some people like to start from the outside and work your way in, do whatever you feel will work best for you. while making your grid clear your mind and think clearly about your intentions. I use the small clear Quartz points because it will activate and amplify the energy of any crystal it is place with. Don’t be afraid to get creative

Happy Gridding


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