Mookaite Tumbles


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Mookaite Tumbles

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A beautiful stone that is found here in Australia. It comes in all different colours ranging from yellow, cream, purple, brown, orange and red, this stone is beneficial for people who are easily distracted or indecisive. Helps you to make decisions about your current circumstances. Mookaite will help change the way you think about the whole process of aging by raising the vibrations of your body and your thoughts. Mookaite is a good crystal to place under your pillow so it can help slow aging while you sleep and speed up recovery. Has been known to stop negative energy being passed on through genetic memory if used while pregnant. Mookaite will help you to be more versatile in life and be open to new experiences. Will stimulate your instincts to help you avoid dangerous situations.

Healing Qualities: Helps to purify the blood through the liver and spleen, will protect the immune system, will help all problems revolved around the stomach area, may also help to help wounds and prevent infection. Can help the elderly who have trouble with mobilisation. Helps to restore tissues and prevent deterioration of internal organs.

Mookaite is connected to the root Chakra


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