Malachite Tumbles


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Malachite Tumbles

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A protection stone, protecting the wearer from harm. absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. Encourages us to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance, A stone for travel protects while flying, helps with jet lag and may also help if you have a fear of flying. Encourages you to express your emotions and alleviates shyness. Heals emotional abuse especially when suffered during childhood. When placing malachite on your body be sure to put a small cloth underneath it, if something has been worrying you and causing you to have sleepless nights speak your worries and fears to your stone while holding it in your hands then place it outside in a sheltered area overnight so it can take away whatever it is that may be worrying you. Good for children who are picky eaters, place it in your kitchen or in their bedroom, it will help boost their appetites and remove anything that is in their body that may be blocking proper nutrition. It should be cleansed regularly, place on clear quartz and in the sun.

Healing Qualities: Helps to regulate menstrual cycle and cramps, also known to help ease pain during labor. Helps with travel sickness. Helps aids Midwives with their tasks. May also help treat diabetes when worn around the waist.

Malachite is connected to the Heart Chakra, but can be used to activate and clear all Chakras.


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