Mahogany Obsidian Tumbles


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Mahogany Obsidian


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A protective stone, helps you feel safe and grounded. promotes vitality. This stone will also shield you from any kind of negative psychic attacks. It will help you to build strength in times of need, helps to let go of feelings of dissatisfaction in your life and focus your mind on the abundance you do have. A stone of reflection helps you to see the things that may need attention in your life. Will protect the physical an emotional wellbeing of your personal relationship, making sure you are not ill-treated or manipulated. Will help to remove any negative energies that are left over from previous relationships.

Healing Qualities: Supports the bodies overall wellbeing, helps boost the function of the liver and kidneys. When worn on the body can help relieve pain and improve circulation.

Obsidian Red connects to the Root and Sacral Chakra


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