Aragonite Tumbles


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Aragonite Tumbles

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A stone of patience, understanding and truth. Clears any blockages in your heart, mind and spirit. Will make you feel more connected to the earth and make you feel more grounded. Encourages practicality and discipline, giving you an unclouded view of reality. Gives you a boost of courage when you feel like giving up. Boosts productivity so you are able to achieve more. Helps you to be more discipline at work to be able to meet deadlines. Very supportive stone when you need to let go of personal issues from the past or the present. Provides support to overcome anger and stress, teaching you to be more tolerant and understanding.

Healing Qualities: Boosts the immune system, eases nerve problems especially spasms. Heals the bones and helps with the absorption of calcium.

Aragonite is connected to the Root Chakra


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