Rhodonite -

A stone that focuses on one’s inner-self, nurtures, supports and encourages love. It can help you understand and feel confident about your purpose.  Gives you the ability to see both side to an issue. It processes and dispels emotional pain, healing emotional shock and trauma. Helps remove old wounds and scars from your past. Encourages mutual understanding and opens you up to forgiveness and reconciliation. 

Rhyolite -

Rainforest Jasper or Rhyolite, This lovely stone will attract pleasant and joyful energies, it brings a change in perspective, opens us to love and to forgiving ourselves and others, helps us to live in the present and enjoy every moment. When working with this stone you will feel a deeper connection to nature and the environment.

Rose Quartz -

The stone of the heart, a stone of unconditional love and peace, it attracts love to you and from you, will allow you to feel more open to to receiving and sharing love and kindness. This crystal purifies and opens the heart, it will help bring self-love and acceptance. Heals the heart in time of pain, grief and disappointment. Releases unexpressed emotions and heartache.

Scolecite - 

A beautiful and unique crystal that is wonderful for dream work, can enhance the dream state and facilitate dream recall, helps one to open to subtle messages from the deeper self and from higher sources. A gentle but powerful awakener of the higher mind, allowing one to gently open to ones higher nature and expand realms beyond physical state. It’s peaceful nature teaches the power of receptivity and expansion and helps one to become more balanced when faced with difficulty.

Selenite - 

Selenite is a great stone for good luck and protection, it is an ideal crystal for purification and all types of energetic cleansing. Place around your home or in the corners of a room to create a safe space. Promotes honesty and will teach the beholder to be honest with themselves. It opens up and activates our third eye chakra and our crown chakra, making it an extremely spiritual crystal that allows one to consciously connect with spirit guides and guardian angels. Your selenite crystal has the ability to amplify other crystals as well as cleansing them.

Serpentine - 

Serpentine can be used for Kundalini awakening, the frequency of this stone allows one to unblock the stored cumulative knowledge of the natural world. Its soothing to the emotional body, allowing one to release fear of change and hardship and to look ahead to the future with expectation and excitement. This stone will purify and energise all Chakras. 

Shungite - 

This very powerful stone is said to be around 2 Billion years old and is an extremely positive stone. A stone that will ground you and protect you from electromagnetic radiation given off by electrical equipment. It is the only known natural mineral that contains fullerenes which is a powerful anti-oxidant. This ancient stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life. Extremely beneficial for boosting your overall health and energy levels. Shungite is able to absorb negative energy and remove it from a person or even an entire space.

Smoky Quartz -

Smoky Quartz is a protective and spiritually grounding stone. It brings physical and psychic protection, helps one move forward into clarity, wards off any negative energy and transforms into positive energy. Can be used to alleviate nightmares and help with insomnia. Helps to eliminate worry and doubt when faced with chaos or confusion. 

Solalite - 

A stone that will grow your intuition and teach you to trust your instincts. increases knowledge and facilitates communication. Sodalite can help one stay focused in the present without being distracted by past or future concerns. 

Stilbite -

Stilbite has a soft nature and creates a beautiful and peaceful feeling, its vibration will enhance your intuition and bring a loving and supportive vibe. It may help you make decisions on what you wish to create in life and to plan a path to the attainment of those dreams . Will allow you to approach a task with an organised and positive frame of mind. It can encourage you to expand your mind and to learn what is necessary to achieve your goals.

Tigers Eye -

Tigers Eye stimulates both the root chakra and solar plexus enhancing integrity, willpower and self-confidence. works well when working through lifestyle changes. A perfect stone for protection, especially during travel, It is a stone that brings good luck and prosperity. Can help one see what they really need in their life and not want. Helps to improve mental clarity and intuition and also helps with decision making.