Himalayan Quartz -

Pink Himalayan Quartz -

Pink Himalayan Quartz has a wonderful soft vibration, provides you with a loving warm energy that soothes and calms you. A great crystal for romance, it will support the love and romance in a new relationship as well as partners who have been together for some time. It is said it can bring family members closer and strengthen friendships. If you are feeling lonely it will reassure you that one is never alone. Place in any area of the home to create a peaceful environment, to draw in love, create balance and promote good communication and understanding. Purifies the heart and allows one to forgive themselves as well as others. 

Howlite -

A stone of patience, helps to control rage and uncontrolled anger. When worn or placed in your pocket it can absorb your own anger as well as any anger that is directed towards you. Helps to achieve your goals both spiritually and material. Bring mental awareness, both to current and past life issues. Can help you to stop being overly critical about yourself.

Hematite - 

A grounding and rebalancing stone, will heighten one’s self-esteem, confidence and will power. Simulates concentration and focus and can be used to balance the auric field and align the chakras. When you hold a hematite stone you will feel more centred and calm.

Iolite -

Iolite stimulates the astral bodies and psychic awareness. It is excellent for past life and alternate life work . Known as the Vikings compass and used for navigational purposes as it was able to indicate the direction of the sun on overcast days. This stunning stone will provide us with the visions to move us, physically and spiritually, from one realm to the next. Iolite is useful for those who lack motivation, are disorganised and easily distracted. It may also help you if you live a chaotic life by bringing order back in small practical ways. It is especially useful for those who are finding it challenging to find their spiritual self, it will help clear your thought process and strengthen intuition. Iolite asks us to trust ourselves and listen to what our heart and mind are telling us.

Jet -

Jet is a strong protective stone, has the ability to draw out any negative energy that may be lingering, and it will help by transmuting negative feelings into positive ones. Jet will help you realise what you truly wish from life & will help you achieve that. It has been known to attract knowledge and wisdom to make your life’s meaning more profound. It is particularly helpful when it comes to money and finances and has been known as a stone of good luck . 

Labradorite - 

A very magical stone, one of the most protective stones out there. Fantastic for self-discovery, can turn your dreams into reality. Has been known to awaken your inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities. This stone shields the aura and protects from negative energies, helps to break bad habits, thoughts and feelings. Can help by stimulating your imagination and relax an overactive mind. It awakens your sense of adventure and a great stone for transformation, will help you become the person you are destined to be. Teaches you to have faith in yourself and trust in the universe. 

Lapis Lazuli - 

A stone of protection and wisdom, encourages self-awareness, self-expression, honesty and compassion. It represents friendship and truth, helping bring out harmony in relationships. Great for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability, A great stone for people who are writers, journalists or phycologists, Good for problem solving and new ideas.

Lemurian Quartz - 

Lemurian seed crystals are like taking a journey back in time, it is believed that these particular stones have messages from the Lemurians, their ancient knowledge and wisdom have been placed within them for us, they have been programmed before they were placed into the ground. Great for activating the higher chakras, to activate your Lemurian crystal run your fingers on the ladder markings on the stone, this will allow to you to connect with the lemurian and its energy. It can also allow you to make contact the angelic realm. A master crystal that It is able to clear any blockages and correct any imbalances within the body.

Lepidolite - 

A very calming and supportive stone during times of deep emotional stress, it is one of the best calming and stabilising crystals, its peaceful and calming energy helps with letting go of conflict. It can help you make sense of your emotions and approach them healthily in order to make changes that are necessary. A very effective crystal to help with anxiety. This stone is made up of lithium which is often used in medication. It helps one through transition with the trust that everything will turn out for the best. Cleanses electromagnetic pollution and great to have around computers. When placed beside the bed you may find yourself having happier dreams and waking up calmer and more optimistic.

Colombian Lemurian Quartz - 

This rare variety of Lemurian Quartz is extremely unique and is known as one of the most high vibrational and high quality in the world, like other Lemurian crystals they display pronounced ladder like horizontal markings on the sides of the crystal, these amazing crystals stimulate visionary experience and expansion of consciousness. They can help one enter quickly and deeply into meditative states, releasing stress and opening the mind to receive inner guidance and inspiration. Colombian Quartz is very effective for cleansing the mind, body and spirit and can help us access our souls purpose. 

Lodolite Quartz - 

A very magical and powerful crystal, A stone that brings the energy of Luck and manifestation, its vibrations will help you to manifest your desires, especially when it comes to wealth and abundance. It will enhance and strengthen your communication skills. This crystal has been known as a dream stone and will evoke lucid dreaming. It will boost your confidence and inspire you to be brave and take more risks in life, push you to do things that you previously might not have done. Lodolite can help you to release past life trauma as well as any distressing memories from the past or early childhood memories, that may be effecting you in the present. A great stone to use when you need to change or transform a part of your life, to make you happier and more satisfied. Best placed on the eastern side of the home.

Malachite -

This is a stone of transformation and protection, Malachite encourages us to look within, step out of our comfort zone, take a chance and encourages you to express your emotions. Heals traumas from past lifetimes or childhood. Malachite protects us from negative energies and clears electromagnetic pollution.

Moonstone -

A stone of new beginnings, it offers inner peace and harmony. Connecting us with the power and energy of the moon, an ultimate fertility crystal that can help us to be more Intune with our bodies and can help regulate menstrual cycles. balances male and female energies and when placed in the bedroom encourages a peaceful sleep.


Black Obsidian -

Black Obsidian is a natural glass created from rapidly cooled lava, it is a powerful stone that is able to eliminate negative energies from oneself and ones environment. Black Obsidian cleanses the auric field and works quickly to help break negative emotionally based patterns, It is a strong grounding stone that will deepen your connection to the earth. Because of its protective qualities it makes it the perfect stone to use for scrying, including spirit communication. "scrying" means to reveal or perceive, it allows us to receive visions and messages. 

Golden Sheen Obsidian - 

Black Obsidian is a natural glass created from rapidly cooled lava, Golden Sheen Obsidian is a type of Obsidian that has a lovely golden sheen on the surface, this occurs when gas bubbles have been trapped between the layers as the Obsidian was forming. 

Golden Sheen Obsidian is an ideal crystal for clearing negative energies and purifying ones auric field. Enhancing ones direction and clarity of purpose and it can be useful when you need help making difficult decisions. 

Snowflake Obsidian -

A stone of purity and balance, Brings balance to the mind, body and spirit. It’s a very grounding and protective stone, removes negative energies from one’s self but also the environment. A very supportive stone that will assure you there is no need to fear, will show you your weaknesses and help turn them into your strengths. May help you to see new opportunities that you may have overlooked in the past.

Ocean Jasper -

Ocean Jasper is a beautiful variety of Jasper found only in Madagascar, perfect crystal to carry with you to calm those nerves, a crystal that may help release anger and bring unresolved emotional issues to the surface so you are able to heal, it is a stone of strength and will inspire you to overcome challenges and remain positive, A gentle reminder that you have the determination within you to succeed both personally and professionally. Will help you to better understand the experiences we have in life good or bad.

Onyx -

A powerful protection crystal that will shield your mind and body against negative energy. Prevents being drained of your personal energy and help alleviate feelings of depression. Wearing Black Onyx helps one to let go of an unhealthy attachment to a past relationship. Helps to overcome fears and gives the gift of wise decision making, it aids in the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina. This stone helps you hold onto memories, it is because of this it can be useful when healing old wounds and past life issues

Phosphosiderite -

Phosphosiderite is a gorgeous stone with a beautiful lilac colour and when in direct sunlight has a subtle sparkle, an instant stress reliever. This crystal may help if you have been having some trouble sleeping, its calming energies will help you to slow down and relax. Phosphosiderite works with the heart and third eye chakras, a lovely stone if you wish to connect with your spirit guides and angels, it may help you to gain a better understanding of your spiritual path.

Pyrite -

Also known as “Fools Gold” is a stone that will bring Luck, abundance, prosperity and wealth to its beholder. It will encourage you to follow your dreams, it promotes positive thinking and manifestation. Will provide you with the will power so that you are able to overcome bad habits. A very supportive and protective stone that will shield you from all kinds of negative energies, A great crystal for the home or work place as it will help you if you are lacking motivation and energy