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Thank you for taking the time to choose your new crystals, all crystals you receive have been cleansed by me personally and set with the best intentions, I ask that you take the time to perform your own cleansing ritual, this way you are able to set them with your own intentions. Below is a list of ways you can cleanse your crystals, try one or all of these methods until you find the one that works the best for you.

 o Place your crystals in the sunlight for an hour (certain crystals may fade when in direct sunlight for to long) I only recommend this method for a short time.

 o Pass your crystal through the smoke of your chosen incense or Sage.

 o  Hold or place crystals under cold running water and visualise the water cleansing them of negative energy, keep your mind focused and intentions clear (please note there are certain crystals that should not be placed in water)

 o  Place your crystals outside on the earth or a natural surface during the full moon for a few hours or overnight (this is my favourite method of cleansing as it is safe for all crystals).



Programming your crystal is when you set a very specific intention for your crystal. Hold your chosen crystal in both hands and imagine what you wish your crystal to do for you, it could be for healing, protection, confidence or will power, whichever you choose, you should keep your mind focused and your intentions clear.